About us


For more than 7 years, our customers have looked to us to move freight safely and securely.
We do the right things the right way.


Our founder built this company to last on a foundation of determination,integrity and character. We continue to walk in those giant footsteps every day.

Every day, we look to improve our performance and value to our customers.


With BUCCILLI LLC, you get the best thinking, the most efficient and sustainable equipment, leading-edge cargo security and courteous, hardworking professionals who make sure every job is done safely and well.


Our team of specialists is something that makes us extremely proud and self-confident.

We have assembled a team of professionals who come from a wide range of trucking and non-trucking related backgrounds, including logistics, accounting, safety and business management, in order to provide expert knowledge in every every field of business.
Below is a list of our employees with a brief description .


Our BUCCILLI values are the heart of our culture. They are the reasons why our customers and investors believe in us.

We believe that acting with integrity is the best way to earn trust and ensure a long lasting business relationship.

We understand that our customers and our teams rely on us for frequent communications. We know how to act quickly so that others can perform at their best – and while we are often under pressure, we are always respectful. We look for ways to contribute to the team effort to accelerate results.

We’re engaged as a team to help our customers achieve success.

We strive to provide every customer with service that is the best in the industry, as measured by the qualities our customers care about most. We operate with a strong work ethic, resulting in both efficiency and transparency in the performance of our jobs.

We believe that safety is of the utmost importance, extending beyond the company to our customers, communities and families. We strive to be at the highest standard of the industry through innovation and continuous learning.

Cristina Montgomery

Founder & President

Phone: 312-498-7219

    Paul Montgomery

    Director of Operations

    Phone: 773-709-1769
    Fax: 312-254-3406
    Email: info@buccillilogistics.com

      Monica Cosa

      Logistics Manager

      Phone: 312-488-1033
      Fax: 312-254-3406
      Email: dispatch@buccillilogistics.com

        Raul Tamas

        Logistics Coordinator